Working Groups of Europole Mer

Late 2012, Europole Mer has launched Working Groups to discuss strategic issues and scientific topics regarding the scientific community. These Working Groups will deal with specific topics as selected by the consortium based on common priorities. They will be active for variable durations (from 1 to 2 years) to deliver strategic documents such as road maps and projects suggestions, to be used to advise decision makers at regional, national and international level.

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Each Working Groups has a contact point within Europole Mer Executive Board (Bureau) and a coordinator from the scientific community.

Terms of reference for Europole Mer Working Groups :

  1. Explain context and why this topic was selected; indicate what is at stake in terms of research and higher education, and in terms of environmental and social impact; list key questions to be addressed; define study area (and explain why this area was chosen).
  2. Establish a state-of-the-art at a global level with literature review (journals, grey literature, expert advise); describe research actors on the selected topic at national (French), European and global level; describe major research priorities common to 2 or more Europole Mer members as well as with external partners; identify gaps.
  3. Explain how to address this topic; identify what the priorities for R&D, innovative approaches, and new methods are; specify what is to be expected, which knowledge and technologies on the edge of the topic are to be taken into account, which are the needs as expressed by society, ...
  4. List requirements in skills, infrastructures, support; identify obstacles for R&D&I development.
  5. Describe situation within Europole Mer : internal innovation capacity, organisation proposals, futur challenges to be faced.
  6. Make recommandations for implementation regarding content (prioritisation of programs and projects) and format (who, when, how) ; perspectives; workplan.

Marine biotechnologies

Contact Bureau: Catherine Boyen (SBR) & Pascal Jaouen (IUML)

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Mer, Mécanique et Matériau (Mcube)

Contact Bureau : Francis Jouanjean (ENSTA Bretagne)

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Sciences Techniques de l'Information et de la Communication & Mer

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Francis Jouanjean (ENSTA Bretagne)

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Coopération avec le Brésil

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Yves-Marie Paulet (UBO / IUEM)

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Sciences Humaines et Sociales & Mer

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Nicole Devauchelle (Ifremer)

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Enseignement Supérieur

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Yves(Marie Paulet (UBO / IUEM) & Bernard kloareg (UPMC / SBR)

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