Olivier ROUXEL: Deep sea exploration and understanding (Axis 4)

Olivier ROUXEL

International Chair (Europole Mer / UEB)
Deep Sea Environments

This international chair was co-funded for 3 years by UEB, University of Brest (UBO) and Ifremer. Olivier Rouxel and his team were jointly hosted by UBO and Ifremer. 

Olivier Rouxel has since taken up a position in the Geochemistry and Metallogeny laboratory at Ifremer in Brest, France.

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Research focus

  • Non-traditional stable isotope systematics in rivers and estuaries; processes controlling the fractionation between continental run-off and the ocean.
  • Non-traditional stable isotope systematics in marine sediments (e.g. black shales) and paleoceanographic implications.
  • Chemical cycling and isotopic fractionation of metals and metalloids during alteration of the oceanic crust and in seafloor hydrothermal systems.
  • Developments of sulfur, iron and selenium isotopes as biogeochemical tracers of the deep biosphere.

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See summary of projects led by the chair (in French)

Chaire inauguration conference by Olivier Rouxel

"Biogeochemical cycling of metal and metalloid isotopes in deep sea environments"

Monday 23 November 2009


Watch the video conference ( about 48 min )