Research Axis 1 – Genomics and « blue chemistry » : exploration and valorisation of marine genomes

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Research Axis 1 adopts a novel approach to marine genomics by going further than describing and comparing genomes of marine organisms (i.e. comparative genomics) and embraces functional genomics, both in terms of biochemistry and biological genetic functions. Tools for environmental genomics are developed (metagenomics) and transfer of such approaches to the oceanographers community is emphasised. Research on biotechnologies and ‘blue chemistry’ creates links between biologists and structural chemists and drive a new research focus in France, marine chemical ecology, whilst bringing new molecular models to the chemists community.

Institutions involved : Biological Station of Roscoff (SBR), Ifremer, European Institute of Marine Science, University of South Brittany, and National Museum of Natural History (Biological Station of Concarneau)
Coordinators : Catherine Boyen (SBR - UMR 7139) and Chantal Cahu (Department PFOM, Ifremer)


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Laboratories involved in Europole Mer


Based on a strong collaboration developed through existing projects such as OUEST-Genopole®, GIS Institut de la Génomique marine, network of excellence « Marine Genomics Europe », the teams from Europole Mer have already played a leading role to organise, in France and in Europe, experimental marine biology research with an integrative approach as required by genomics.

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