Laboratories involved in Europole Mer Axis 4

European Institute for Marine Studies

 Laboratory "Domaines Océaniques"

(joint Research Unit of UBO and CNRS, UMR6538), working on genesis and evolution of ocean environments.

Ifremer Centre in Brest

 gathers ca. 60 scientists in three laboratories:

  • the Laboratory of Geophysics & Geodynamics ;
  • the Laboratory of Sedimentary Environments ;
  • the laboratory of Geochemistry & Metallogeny ;

These laboratories are technically supported by cartographic, data processing and instrumentation services.


  •  the Microbiological Laboratory of Extreme Environments (LM2E, joint Research Unit of CNRS  and UBO)
  • the Laboratory of Deep Sea Environment.

French Hydrographic and Oceanographic Naval Service (SHOM)

Laboratory of Geology

Laboratory of Marine Geophysics

In total, Research Priority 4 gathers 228 researchers sensu largo including 87 researchers and 30 research engineers.