Laboratories involved in Europole Mer Axis 5

9 membres of Europole Mer contribute to Research Priority 5: Ecole Navale, ENIB, Telecom-Bretagne, ISEN, ENSTA Bretagne, SHOM, Ifremer, IRD, and Oc√©anopolis bringing together expertise in engineering sciences, and in systems development and implementation. This reservoire of expertise is used to answer the needs of Research Priority 1 to 4. 

Ecole Navale

  • EA 3634 specialising in geographic information systems, in hydrodynamic and propulsion of systems


  • Laboratories specialising in electronics and mecanics

Telecom Bretagne

  • UMR 2872, specialising in signal and information processing
  • UMR 6165 & 6082, specialising in hyperfrequency and optical systems ISEN

ENSTA Bretagne

  • EA 3876 specialising in modelling and caracterisation of natural environment
  • laboratories specialising on underwater robotics, material and structures mecanics, naval hydrodynamics;


  • laboratories specialising on acoustics and optics