You can find the Europole Mer Report ( 2007-2012 ) in English and in French.

Background and description

Over the last decade of the 20th century, marine research institutes and postgraduate training organisations in Brittany have joined together in a “Blue Network” (20 members), an informal coordination structure. This network has played a key role within the region to purchase specific equipment (for instance a coastal oceanographic vessel from INSU-CNRS to work along the Channel coastline, co-funded by the Brittany Regional Council) or shared equipment (for instance the La Pérouse Library, joint between Ifremer, IUEM-UBO and IRD).

Objectives and means

The aim of Europole Mer is to become a research center of excellence, highly visible and very attractive on the international stage. Its central activity is to support research projects around 5 research areas, whilst fostering interactions and collaborations between the Europole Mer members.

Governance of Europole Mer

President of Europole Mer : Antoine Dosdat.

Prof. Paul Treguer , former President and founder of Europole Mer, handed over the presidency of the GIS Europole Mer on 26 of April 2012.

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