Governance of Europole Mer

President of Europole Mer : Antoine Dosdat.

Prof. Paul Treguer , former President and founder of Europole Mer, handed over the presidency of the GIS Europole Mer on 26 of April 2012.

Europole Mer governing structure is as follows:


Members joined Europole Mer in 2007 and in 2012

The General Assembly members

It is composed of one representative for each member organisation. It decides on the general strategy and on the budget of the GIS EuropĂ´le Mer. It appoints a President for 5 years.

Scientific Committee

it is composed of up to 11 scientists who propose scientific objectives (before approval of the General Assembly) and assess activities of the GIS Europole Mer .

Scientific Coordinators

They are in liaison with the researchers and manage the scientific dynamic and project distribution around their research priority.

Executive Committee

It is composed of 5 members and its mission is to implement the policy defined by the General Assembly. The excecutive committee and the executive director are responsible for the current affairs of the GIS Euopole Mer. It also liaises with the Scientific Cordinators and the other governing bodies of the GIS Europole Mer.